Pet CareThank you for choosing Oxbow nutrition and accessories for the health and wellbeing of your companion!  Offering fresh hay, fortified food, treats and accessories is a great first step in ensuring the long term health and happiness of your pet.  However, there are many additional considerations to make when planning for the care of your pet rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, rat, hamster, or gerbil.   

In order to best care for your companion, it’s important to understand his or her general behavior.  In doing so, you will be better prepared to recognize any changes in your pet’s routine – changes which may or may not indicate illness or call for medical attention.  The more you learn about your pet, the better off you’ll be at understanding his or her mood.   

Feel like you need some additional information about caring for your pet?  Just click on the links to access great, species-specific information about how to best provide a great experience for your companion.

Pet Care Guides

If you’re a new pet owner in search of some good basic information about how best to care for your new rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, rat, hamster or gerbil, be sure to check out our pet care guides.  The care guides cover all aspects of pet ownership – from nutrition to housing to illness warning signs to watch out for.      

Small Paw Prints

Our Small Paw Prints are filled with valuable health care tips and nutrition management techniques for small animals. This educational series draws from our unique relationships with multiple facets of the pet care industry and a commitment to improve the lives of small animals through premium products.  Small Paw Prints focus on small animal topics, such as feeding a balanced diet, understanding the importance of hay, learning about product ingredients, and preventative care, to name a few.